How to Remove Featured Content CTA Button - Target Pages

The Banner options within Target pages are very limited and do not format in a pretty way. Therefore I have been using the featured content area as a hero header area. However I cannot force the Primary CTA button to not appear. Even with no text filled in the Primary CTA area, it shows a small box.

I would like an option where I could disable the primary cta button from being visible. We already have this feature for hiding the featured content, and therefore it makes sense to give the option to remove the button as well.

See my example of the banner vs the featured content area with visible cta

Hi @nevada, are you using an image or a solid color for the Hero section? If you are using color, a potential workaround is to set the color of the button to be the same as background. In my example here, I have both set to white (hex code #ffffff).


@Hansen that is a clever trick! Our branding preference is to use a gradient image background for these areas, so I dont believe your solution would work in our case. I was hoping perhaps there was a toggle or setting I had missed in the setup.

I have passed your request to our product team for enhancement in future product updates.